School Health Promotion Activities

(1) Extension and Guidance Activities

This includes activities relating to the collection of school health data and extension and awareness-raising activities based on the results obtained in surveys. It also involves the compilation of promotion-related reports, publications outlining results achieved, and collection of relevant materials (both internal and external), etc.

(2) Survey and Research Activities

Key issues affecting school health are identified, and dedicated committees are established to undertake surveys and research in relation to these issues; the results of this research are collated and made available to schools.

(3) Health Promotion Activities

Where specific issues have been identified in relation to school health, on-site implementation is conducted (by commissioning affiliate organizations to undertake the work, etc.) and the results are collated and made available to schools.

General Activities

  1. Collaboration with the government on school health administration matters
  2. Holding or co-sponsoring national school health related conferences, etc.
  3. Collaboration with affiliate organizations and related groups
  4. Publication of the Society’s journal and of school health related books
  5. Recommending school health books and products to schools
  6. Researching practical methods for addressing school health issues
  7. Other activities necessary to help the Society achieve its goals